Welcome to Vivify - My baby, my passion project, my future to behold. I’m Kat Black, daughter, sister, writer, speaker, friend, lover, retired mescal drinker...


I created Vivify in January 2018. I was newly embarking on a journey of living alcohol free, and I wanted somewhere all my own where I could share in my struggles, sadness, joy and accomplishments within my experience. I wanted to be seen and heard, and also be held accountable. I also had the intention to unmask the secret I had held for so long, and communicate to others heading down the same path that you are not alone. There is a movement happening to living not only alcohol free, but a better, more satisfying way all around.



FFW to the present moment. My intention with Vivify now is to MOVE FORWARD. What can I do each day to better my life in any way, shape or form. Yes, not drinking alcohol has importance, but when I open my eyes to all that’s out there, living alcohol free is just a sliver of what’s to come. 


I am diving deep into the dark waters of personal evolution, development & discovery. What does that mean? To me, that means waking up each day with a purpose. Meeting new like minded people who are doing the same. Searching out retreats, workshops, courses, ceremonies, all which come together to create this powerful, feminine, spiritual, healer, woman – Kat Black. This will also include a journey down the mystical healing practice that is Ayurveda. 


My intention through all of this is to “Inspire women to realize their best lives.” Join me on this intensely magical journey I am embarking on as I say goodbye to my corporate 9-5, and hello to a life of unknown.
- Kat

Images by Yellow Petal Photography

Contact - vivifyyyc@gmail.com

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