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31 Days of Ayurveda - January 2020

Ayurveda - One of the most glorious words to cross these lips in a long time. I fell in love with it at the beginning of 2019. And how most love stories begin, I wasn’t even searching for it and POOF! it appeared.


I knew I wanted to help women struggling with alcohol dependency once I gave up my own in 2017, I just didn't know the vehicle that would become the tie that binds with which this would all take shape. Enter the beautiful healing practice of Ayurveda. Since embracing fully the context of this mind/body/spirit healing modality, my physical, mental & emotional health has positively increased exponentially. If all goes well, I will be heading to California this October to enrol myself in Ayurvedic studies, but until then, it's on me to continue to learn all that I can to continue to better myself and the community around me. 


With that, I decided to post one thing about the magical world of Ayurveda for the 31 days of Jan on my Instagram and Blog Pages. Given I am still VERY new to this practice, the content will be elemental and basic, however it's the sharing of something that is so pure and meaningful to me that is the true purpose. So if you have the time and are interested in learning a bit more about Ayurveda, head to my insta page - @vivifycalgary, or check out my Blog. Happy healing.

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